Please draw me a guide dog!

Please draw me a guide dog!

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In 2015 I welcomed my first guide dog, Yuka. My labrador dog has guide me throughout 8 years before her well-deserved retirement and passed the baton to Kira, her young successor and playmate.

Main illustration description. Staged in a landscape
             whose plants have taken on the shimmering colours of autumn, two drawings produce the problem that raised the question asked just after the magnificent illustration of Chloe: Do you now why you should never distract a guide dog while working?
             The left one presenting a graying man who strokes the labrador's head, whose black coat is dotted with white. The dog is holding a letter in her mouth, worded as follows: «Yuka, we are delighted to announce that you will be enjoying a well-deserved retirement from Talaria. Your sincerly».
             At her feet, two little cats: a tiger and a calico accompanied by the following statement: Euterpe and Urania,
            Muses of the Manor, Without a profession.
            In the second illustration, a red-haired women with dark lenses
             on her nose, moves guided by her young black labrador. 
             The pair is disturbed by the untimely arrival of Yuka, 
             on play position wagging her tail, calling out her young sister: «Kira ! 
             Kira ! Kira !». The latter replies: Yuka, you are exaggerating, I'm working! 
             We'll play together when I'm free!»

Illustration: Chloé Roten, Bachelor in Illustration & Comics at Ceruleum in Lausanne. Her Instagram:


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